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E. Stephen curates the Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project.

All inquiries/proposals/comments about the project should be sent to E. Stephen at

E. Stephen was born in the 1970's. E.stephen quit school at the age of twelve. After several years of truancy, he attended the experimental Sudbury Valley School. It was during this period of his teens, (already after the death of S.N.A.F.U.), that he first first learned of the NIDUS-MONAD while exploring abandoned buildings. E. Stephen quickly became involved in the then nascent Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project. He has been curator of the project now for more than ten years. The project is currently New England based. E. Stephen lives in a quiet town where people sometimes seem concerned about what he might be up to.

The Empire S.N.A.F.U. restoration project would like to thank the following :

A tremendous thank you to L. Bufano of Trajectory Media.
for constructing and continuing to maintain this website.

Vera Little of Trajectory Media

Trajectory Media.

Vera Little

photo by Justin Sheckler

Thanks to Miss Emma , Mistress of the DollHaus Gallery

The Dollhaus Gallery is located at 37 Broadway in Brooklyn NY.

Miss Emma and her Dollhaus maybe contacted at


Alan Nidle

Alice Pan

Amanda Palmer

Bibianna Medkova

The Cloud Club Foundation

Cynthia Von Buhler

D Christ and the Bop Ants

the dead children of the empire foundation

Don Raines

Hans Rickheit of Chrome Fetus

James Robinson and associates conservation technicians

Jason Karekhian

Katrina Galore

Lacey Astra for photagraphy at live events



Marty Christ


Pan 9

The Reverend Glass Eye

Ria Kirtz

Roland Smart

Vera Little


Zipper Spy

The Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge MA


For help with sound/recording

Tyler Newman

Katt Hernandez


Over the years, many have provided valuable support, and at times suffered loss of blood in service of the E.S.R.P. This list makes no pretense of being complete. The E.S.R.P. could not have survived the past decades without the assistance of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people.
There are many amongst you whose names should be on this list, but have been omitted as result of clerical oversight, or dylexia.

Some have been excluded due to the demands of unfortunate personal grudges and political infighting and within the E.S.R.P.
And of course some amongst you, are oh so very, very, very, close, to being on the list now, and maybe assured of gaining list status the next occasion you assist the E.S.R.P., especially if you demonstrate that you have suffered substantial injury or hardship by so doing. Thank you all for your compassion and understanding.
If you feel there are any mistakes in the listing Please contact me at

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