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September 20, 2006


Mark your calendars!!!

HUGE S.N.A.F.U. show SAT OCTBER 14th 2006!!! BOSTON

(currently seeking volunteers, no special skills required, for help with set up starting sep30th. Email me at )

Do you think the opening of the Bostons new ICA is the biggest artwank happening in Boston this fall? Well, think again, my dear vertebrate acquaintance. Truly your brainbag is deluded!!!

Largest installation of the Nidus-Monad ever, ever, ever, ever, ever!!!

Truly the decline S.N.A.F.U. predicted for the once great land of America has come to pass. Pray that it is not too late to avert an even more dire, approaching dark age.

Come heal your collective psyches in the secretive loading docks of an empty strip mall!


Who knows when such an opportunity may nakedly present itself to you again?

Opening Reception & Performance:

Saturday, October 14 6pm - 9pm

(possible closing event NOV 10th-check back soon for more details)

Brighton Mills

400 Western Ave. (in the old Office Max)

Brighton, MA 02135

(for those of you who know PAN-9 in Allston, this space is but a few blocks distant)

And if the distilled beauteous contamination of Empire S.N.A.F.U. is not enough, for yours beleaguered senses…

This extravaganza of angelic excrement is but one installation in the hyper-massive multi-media exposition known as PURE, an event of proportions seldom seen in Boston!!!

For more info got to

PURE is a meditation on sterility brought to you by curatrix “Kuma” Lisa Lunskaya Gordon who in the past brought us “Iconoclasm” and “The Domestic Frontier of Homeland Security.

PURE involves more than 60 artists including

Abraham Schroeder • Adina Teodorescu • Alya Romeos • Andi Sutton and Alex Haynes, M.D. • Andrea Dorian Rose • Andrew Anselmo • Andrew Eisenberg • Andy Siegel • AnnaPhylaxis • Ashanti & Chris Korda • Barry Maloney • Bebe Beard • Betty Bolivar • Bezreh + Keefe • Bob Reese • Bob White • Carol Hanson • Christy Georg • Chuck McNally • Corey Hanley • Dana Ross • Debra Weisberg • Ellen Chambers • Ellen Young • Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project • Eric David Love • Erika Hutchinson • Gerald Fallon-Griffin• J'ambiance (Rob Carbone & Joe Moreau)• Jamie Ciocco • Jennifer Cooper • Jen Rosselli • Jerry Russo • Jessica Fenlon • Joe Burgio • Joshua Pablo Rosenstock • Judith Leemann • Juliet Schneider • Karin Webb • Karl Cronin • Kevin Van Aelst • Kim Airs • Lana Hermann • Laura Arena • Laura Johnston • Leonid Andreev • Lisa Lunskaya Gordon • Liz Shepherd • Luca Zucchi, Anna Elisabetta Zucchi, Chiara Assi • Lydia Eccles • Markus J. Nechay • Marilyn Fontenrose • Maura Cunningham • Melinda Cross • Naomi Sultanik • par-don • Pauline Lim • Piotr Parda • project ruori • Redtail Collective • Robin Cass & Bill Klingensmith • Sanna Sevanto • Sarah Pearlstein • Sean Smith • Tatiana Gelfand • Terra Friedrichs • Timur Bekbosunov • Ven Voisey • Vιronique d'Entremont • Vittorio Mezzano • William Thomas Porter

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