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January 31, 2006

Click here for pictures of Naked rotating filth and Cacophony Pendulum!

I can't guarantee the link will stay good if it gets a lot of bandwidth, but as I write to you at least it contains some great shots (by Brazilian Madman Anderson Zaca) of a performance/installation produced my the Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project at the recently concluded SPIN" show at CVB space nyc.
(a note of explanation about what is occurring in the pictures. The metal pendulum is full of rundly-tundly noise generating physical characteristics (including metal bearings stolen from a pinball machine) The audio signals are then distortion, amplified and blasted through old school stadium PA horns which focus the sound waves directly at the circling spectators. Yours truly is spinning madly, and carrying on a long complicated relationship with the Cacophony Pendulum and manually assisting it with its production of rundly-tundly metal-scrap serenade.

You can see more of the photographer Anderson Zaca's NON-snafu related work at

In other news
This website is in desperate need of a redesign and overhaul.
Most of the content is all ready to go up. I don't need anything too fancy. Just good clean reliable design/architecture that can be updated with reasonable ease. Cannot pay money but will gladly provide you with kit containing everything you need to live like royalty including an old shopping cart, a moth eaten bathrobe, a pair plastic sunglasses with no lens on the left side, several empty buckets, and some moldy, month-old french bread, and a dented but still unopened tin can with no label, a can-opener that almost works and a chewed on popsicle stick. Contact me at with the word "aspargus" in subject line

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