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December 28, 2004

Something in the Water

Some of you may know that fellow lunatic Hans Rickheit (of ) grew up in the same exzact middle of nowheres as i did. Hans will be having a brief exhibit at the Zeitgeist shared with yet another loony from that same Ham of Burning Ash from whence I grew.
The other loony is named Josh Robinson, whom i knew way back when he was Christoper Robinson before religious yearnings drove him to amputate a small but significant portion of his body.

the info is below
Btw.Please note this is not a S.N.A.F.U. related event which is why this was not e-mailed out to the regular list.

Drawings and constructions by Josh Robinson and Hans Rickheit
January 5 through January 17, 2005
Opening Reception, Saturday January 8,
from 3 to 6 pm Zeitgeist Gallery1353 Cambridge StreetCambridge, MA 02139
Don't miss this brief opportunity to witness "FERAL DETRITUS",
a peculiar two-person exhibit at the Zeitgeist Gallery. Drawings, etchings, photo-collages and three-dimensional dioramas by artists Josh Robinson and Hans Rickheit will be on display Wednesday, January 5th through Monday, January 10th at the infamous Zeitgeist Gallery in Inman Square, Cambridge. Your umbrella will implode at the sight of these exquisite concoctions from the periphery of consciousness.
Opening Reception will be held at the gallery on Saturday, January 8,
3pm - 6pm. All are welcomed!

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