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May 1, 2003

Opening Reception, Saturday May 3rd


including an assortment of S.N.A.F.U.'s more diminutive, meditative, and tranquil dioramas.
37 broadway
Williamsburg NY 11211

Also featured are the following artists and personalities.
Emma Louise
Artur Arbit
Chris klapper
Miwa yagi

Anne Arden McDonald, Cynthia Von Buhler, Dana Parlier, Dean A Holdiman
Laura Kaplan, Mary Doyle, P5, Paige Stevenson
Music composed by Peter Gunn
the original peepshow ladies

Velocity chyaldd
Ms vicious

This is not a production of the Nidus-Monad.
Rather it is a "A Demented Boudoir" by Miss Emma (you may know her better as Madame Dollhaus )

here is what she has to say about her event

"In May, as the spring flowers bloom and birds return to nest, Madame Dollhaus unveils the "Boudoir" installation. "Boudoir" is not about a specific room as much as it is about returning the word to it's original meaning: a woman's private sitting room or bedroom.
This work is to present an intimacy, a sense of being in a place where you perhaps aren't supposed to be. After all, to be invited into a woman's private space is a very personal thing. Perhaps you'll see some things you weren't supposed to see. Perhaps you'll see some things you didn't want to see; a side of her you didn't know existed? What secrets do people hide in their private places?
The Boudoir will be richly decorated with works of art, as the lady of the house loves to surround herself with beauty. There will be play-things to amuse her; sounds for her to hear, things for her to touch. The Madame is always looking for new toys and things, and will be accepting new items to decorate her Boudoir as the month goes on thus making it a work in progress. On weekends, the Boudoir will host recitals and readings, as the Madame appreciates all of the fine arts."

The "Boudoir" is a continuation of a concept first presented by Madame Dollhaus in the Windows in Times Square.

Show runs from Saturday May 3rd-Saturday June 14th 2003

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