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April 4, 2002


I plan to do some renovations on this website soon, in the mean time...

On the racks now:

One of S.N.A.F.U.'S writings, with an illustration by award winning artist Hans Rickheit will be included in the 3rd issue of
TEAR magazine.
Tear is a NY based arts and style mag with a sensibility and format similar to Juxtapose, but a little more rock and roll.
Be sure to ask your local periodicals dealer for it by name, and check out the Tear link on its host site

The 3rd issue of tear also has a feature story on Luetke ( ) an amazing Austrian artist and designer.
Like many european artists he seems to have an admiration for certain aspects of american pop culture.
He might feel differently if he had ever lived in the U.S.
So much culture is easier to enjoy if experienced out of context, but Luetke's work is good in any context. Check it out.

Hans Rickheit lives inside your walls,
mastering the silence of isolated moments.
His obsessively disciplined ink drawings squirm with the obscene beauty.
Every line is a calculated incision attacking the very concept of self.
An all encompassing logic of devolution and corruption pervades his work.
And yet his seemingly apathetic characters stoically refuse the comfort of oblivion.
They live on, almost hopefully, lost but seeking.
Each sequence plays out with the cumulative inevitability of a comatose fugue.
You WILL feel compelled to peruse his work repeatedly,
until you are fully immersed in the bowels,
unable to differentiate between your own dreams and the unseen guiding touch of THE UNDERBRAIN.

"Chloe" winner of the Xeric Award is Hans Rickheit's most ambitious work to date.
It has just been published and will soon be available from many national and international Comics distributors.
"Chloe" is a beautifully rendered Graphic Novel where in a lonely teenage girl falls in love with a hermitic dwarf.
Request it by name at your nearest independent comics shop
and inspect Hans's website at

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