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January 24, 2002


OCT. 25 2001

Been I while since I updated. This is a long complicated one.
Read it carefully my child, or you'll miss the fun and then come to me later crying that I didn't tell you when things were happening.

To some of you I've mentioned an upcoming mammoth full deployment of the NIDUS-MONAD.
Unfortunately, due to forces beyond my control, this BIG show remains indefinitely delayed in limbo.
I'll update the info here as soon as there are any new developments with that.


Over the course of the next few weeks there are THREE extremely entertaining events The Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project will be participating in.
These events are all things being planned by other people so I can't give you more detail than what I have here.

Scroll down slowly for info on each of these events.


will occur Sunday October 28 2001 in NEW YORK CITY on board THE FRYING PAN.
Below is the official invite of the event.
For updates on this event please go to

You are formally invited to:



Sunday 28th October 2001

where your heart will be ripped out and horribly devoured.

a night of debauchery, disgusting dances, and frightening things .

An evening of elegance on the waterfront of Manhattan. The setting for the evenings events will be a Haunted Boat docked under the
stars on the Ballroom Pier.

Entertainment provided by the most divine dance combos ever to grace the ballrooms of society.

yucky Yeah YeahYeah's

sickly Sightings

oozing Oneida

vomitous Vulgaras

perverted Peter Gunn 3

evil Erase Errata

Our social committee has gone to great lengths to bring this year's graduating class the best possible entertainment on this, your
night of nights. Madam Boobs, the Burlesque Horroress, will be presenting her elite debutantes; the most gracefully
grizzily go-go dancers and terrifying torturous teasers to emerge from high society.
There will representatives from Empire Snafu's visual arts club and Mr. Caliban's performance troupe.
Students wishing to broaden their horizons with extracurricular activities are encouraged to attend.
Miss Congeniality (and Horror Prom Cover Girl) Poizen, and Head of the Dance Club, Anwar, will be on hand
to judge the best dancers during the playing of the "Love Bites" theme song.
Those technically minded folks from the Mighty Robot A.V. club will make sure that your final dance will be exquisitely
lit to fill your memories forever.
The Twisted Ones have been excused from the detention hall for one night only in order to insure that your last night
will be filled with the most elegant music. In addition, DJ's from our school station WDIE will be spinning only the best
in grostesque.
The Neovoxer Arts club want to invite you to a live video improvisation prior to the music to view their experimental
creations. They will have an in-depth discussion and critique (tell your parents).

The culmination of the event will be the crowning of this year's King and Queen by our Honorary Horror Prom King and Queen, Joe Coleman
and Whitney Ward. Please dress to impress if you desire to win.

Dress in your most horrifying ball gowns and tuxedos, tormented styles, frightfully formal wear, horribly hip, gorgeously gory,
creepily chic, bloody beautiful, splatter sexy, grizzly glamorous, and the ever traditional Halloween haute couture.

Admission: Nancy the Hostess with the Mostest will be greeting the guests at the door. You will be expected to dress in the
required attire as stated above.

Rules are as follows:

Couples: $20

dudes going stag: $12

Lonely ladies: $12

Fools without costumes: $13

The Frying Pan

12th Ave. and W.23rd St.

Pier 63 (Behind Basketball City)

7-10pm : Film Club Meeting: Excerpts of "Neovoxer." Discussion to Follow.

10pm-2am : Music and Entertainment

2-4am : Couple Dancing. To be monitored by Ms. Hogar. No light petting to be permitted.

For the evenings full schedule and events, please see
or contact


Will be the final closing party for the Dietrich Von Buhler Gallery in Allston MA. The Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project still has
a small but very dense installation there. The installation was only supposed last a month but due to public demand it has stayed up through
the summer.
Now at last that show and the Dietrich Von Buhler gallery itself must end. If you haven't seen it, this is your final opportunity.
Annee Spileos Scott also has a very nice installation up there.
The party runs from 7 'til 9pm Oct. 31.
Yes, wear a costume.
Below is a map of how to get there.
To see the Countess's (the curatrix of the Dietrich Von Buhler gallery) beautiful website go to



Takes place at the Cloud Club in Boston MA on Saturday, Nov. 10
Germanic-depressive (get it?) expressionist drama will unfold on all sides of you as you explore the rooms of simulated hotel where
living memories coexist concurrently.

Or something

From 7pm 'til 10pm
the after party runs till three
Plus performances by two of Boston's best bands:




If you wish to attend, you must R.S.V.P. with Amanda!!!
She'll send you directions after you R.S.V.P.

See official invite below for details.

You are Cordially Invited to


a benefit for


(a play in the works, slated for production in February 2002)

"HOTEL BLANC" is a play that is currently being written by a small cast of people and is slated to go up in late
January/early February at the Middle East. Our plan is to run it for three weeks, one night a week, with a rotating cast of bands from
Boston and New York that we're still getting together.
The play itself will run about an hour. It takes place in a metaphysical hotel room and deals with three generations of one family in
Germany and America. There is lots of image, little dialogue, lots of music and onstage video projection. We need money.





7-10 p.m.

with an AFTERPARTY until 3 a.m.

at 229 Northampton Street in Boston

the first part of the evening will include:

- An interactive hotel performance with some of Boston's strangest talent

-tours of Hotel Blanc @ 231 Northampton St.

-an ongoing installation by the infamous curator of the Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project, including "Electro-FunŠ"

-a very unique & illicit outdoor finale


Treat this like the theater, and do not arrive late.
You will be assisted with parking at the front entrance.
The Performance ends at 10 p.m.
whereupon we will enjoy the sounds of
musical performances by

The Dresden Dolls


& and other special guests.

Bring favorite beverages.

If you wish to attend only the afterparty,

please specify in your RSVP.

Space is limited : you must R.S.V.P. to attend this event
to place a reservation email
or phone 617.461.6689.
Directions will be sent with your RSVP confirmation.
The suggested donation for tickets at the desk is $10.
All proceeds go directly to fund the production of Hotel Blanc.

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